Stateline Project

The Stateline Project reaches out to young families in Northern Illinois through the midweek children’s ministry, Stateline Kids Club, and by offering small groups.

Through the children’s ministry and small groups, the Stateline Project seeks to bring people together for worship in the near future.

Stateline Kids Club and the small group ministries are coordinated by Rev. Brad Rogers.

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Stateline Kids Club
After a successful summer camp with 58 kids, we are looking forward to next fall. The quiet strength behind Stateline Kids Club has been the ministry team, many of whom were commis-sioned to another year of service in April. The ministry team currently consists primarily of Westminster members who live in the Stateline area. In preparation for growth at Stateline Kids Club this fall, the Stateline Kids Club Ministry Team will be staffed with volunteers whom may or may not be members of Westminster, but are individuals who have participated in the Stateline ministries. The larger team will hopefully bring some new creative energy to the program as well as create ownership among Stateline participants. The team will meet in August and make some big decisions for the future of Stateline Kids Club. One of the most pressing decisions that will be considered will be to add a middle school component to the midweek program changing Stateline Kids Club this fall from a K-5 program to a K-8 program.

Worship Survey
A new survey is now being conducted to assess the worship needs of the Stateline Project area. For the next few months, four questions will be shared with as many people as possible, in hopes of identifying the needs for worship prior to beginning worship. I look forward to sharing the results of that survey soon.

Small Groups
In a previous Stateline Corner, it was mentioned that the hope was to begin at least 2 more small groups this fall. We are casting a bigger net in hopes of exceeding the goal – we may have up to 5 groups going by the end of 2011.

A Stateline Kids Club parent approached me and asked if I needed any equipment to help with the ministry. I mentioned to him that I was considering purchasing a laptop to increase my mobility and allow me to spend more time in the community. He encouraged me to apply for a grant through The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club. They donated $1200 to WPC to purchase a laptop. What an answer to prayer. This has truly benefited the ministry. Many thanks to the Rockford Cosmopolitan Club for their generosity.

Please keep the ministry in your prayers.