Services Offered by Speech Therapists in Singapore

What comes to mind when you hear of speech and language therapy Singapore? Many people assume the services of speech therapists are limited to helping children with delayed speech or adults who have to relearn speech after a medical condition, such as strokes. 

A qualified Communication Therapy in Singapore involves much more than speech. Understanding what a speech therapist does will help you determine if you or a loved one needs therapy. 

Voice management for adults

In this digital era, as professions evolve, more and more people are using their voice to earn a living. Singers, actors, doctors, teachers, public speakers, lawyers, sales representatives. Brand influencers, nurses, life coaches and many other professionals rely on their voices to communicate. Unfortunately, since they use speech daily to communicate, they risk developing problems with their voice. 

Some of the signs of a voice that is developing issues include a hoarse or raspy sound, inability to hit high notes when singing when you had no trouble before, deeper than usual sound, achy throat, and repeatedly clearing the throat. 

Visit a speech therapist as soon as you start noticing changes in your voice. Some of these voice disorders can be remedied with early intervention. Speech and language therapy Singapore is often combined with other treatments for a faster and better outcome. 

Speech and language rehabilitation

Some medical conditions affect one’s ability to speak, while others alter one’s speech patterns. Muscle weakness, a stroke, head injury, degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, dementia, cancer of the mouth or throat, autism, and Down Syndrome are some of the conditions that affect speech. 

Communication therapy is critical for people who have suffered from these medical conditions. With the right support, one can improve their quality of life and even communicate clearly to caregivers. 

Accent reduction coaching

Some speech therapists have specialized in helping people who have a stronger vernacular influence in their speech. While some people are comfortable with their accents, others are not. Other times, a person may be comfortable with his accent. Still, if it affects his ability to communicate and be understood by others, accent reduction coaching might be necessary.

Psychological assessment and counselling

During the first few sessions with a patient, speech therapists attempt to determine if the speech problem is physical or psychological. Some children and adults struggle with speech because they lack confidence or have undergone some form of trauma that affects their ability to communicate. 

Communication therapy appreciates that speech difficulties are sometimes nurtured by a person’s experiences. So, psychological assessments and counselling are critical in identifying the cause so that the right therapy plan is adopted. 

Address socialization difficulties

It is natural for people to classify people as extroverts and introverts based on their socialization skills. Extroverts have an easy time interacting with people in any setting, while introverts would rather avoid crowds. 

While one’s social behaviour is sometimes linked to personality and upbringing, some people panic at the thought of attending a social event. For some, the problem is the presence of many strangers, while others are just as awkward when attending family events.

When nervous, introverts can barely say a word or even speak in front of a crowd. Speech therapists try to get to the root cause of this discomfort and find ways to boost confidence when speaking in front of a crowd. 

Many public speakers and life coaches have had to go through communication therapy to give them the confidence to walk in front of a crowd and speak eloquently. 

Speech therapists in Singapore provide various services. Some of the services are obvious. However, others may not seem to be the responsibility of communication therapists, but they are. You need to find out what therapy services are available in the facility close to you. This way, you will know when to seek speech and language therapy Singapore.