Methods of Improving English In Young Students

enrichment classes for young students

Primary school is the age in which the child is just transitioning from learning letters and small words into forming full sentences and paragraphs. This is the time when it is most important for them to have a solid base of learning so that they are able to grasp this knowledge better and it will remain with them all their life and hence it is important for them to join top enrichment classes.

For any language study, it is important that the child knows the role grammar plays in the language. At a young age, the child will not be able to learn the rules and other strict positions of grammar and hence it is important that the teacher puts forth these concepts in such a way that they get embedded into the child’s mind naturally these are some of the methods that they can use to do this.

SWRL method

This is one of the best methods that can be used for teaching the English language to children and it stands for Speak, Write, Read, and Listen. Any teacher who teaches the lessons should make sure that they follow this Speak, Write, Read, and Listen every day. These are the methods in which a teacher can integrate each of these actions in their daily plan separately.

Speak the language

The teacher can have a communication or a story telling class where the child can come in front of his or her classmates and say a few sentences that they have formed or tell the students a short story that they know. This not only helps them with their language skills but also helps them improve their public speaking and these children are less likely to get stage fright.

Write it out

A word of the day chart can be made for each classroom and the children are encouraged to use these words in as many sentences as they can.

Read internally and out loud

For most students, the library class is always a favorite as they get to read something that is not in their curriculum or that is not a textbook. By encouraging the child to read more they become familiar with the formations of sentences and unknowingly learn the rules of grammar.

Listen to the language being spoken

The most effective way of inculcating listening in primary school kids is by having story time in which the teacher reads out small stories to the children and then asks them simple questions related to the stories to make sure that the children were listening.

Having command of the English language is important as all subjects except for Mother Tongue subjects are taught in English. It directly affects a student’s ability to understand and apply concepts learnt for subjects such as mathematics, sciences, history, geography and even art or home economics. It is imperative that children pick up the English language and can understand when formal education begins.