School Fees for International schools in Singapore

Singapore’s international schools carry quite a hefty price tag – varying international curriculum options, world-class facilities and environments, as well as robust teaching staff, all play a part in the high prices. If you are more inclined towards the value that these schools offer and not too bothered about the high prices, then you should find this list useful.

For comparison purposes, we have compiled a list of some of the costs that you can expect when registering your child in an international school in Singapore.

Singapore American School

Singapore American School offers a suitable learning environment, quality tuition, and extra-curricular activities to their students. Their price ranges from $39,164 to $44,141 (pre-school through high school). Including re-enrollment, maintenance of facilities, tuition and Southeast Asian World College costs US $45,145 to the US $48,600 (K1 to Grade 12) for the first year, and $35,570 to $43,025 (12th grade) for the second year and subsequent years.

Canadian International School

Another option for international schools in Singapore is the Canadian International School with a price range of $16,500 to $24,000 (Half Day or Full Day Lakeside) per year, and $32,100 to $40,900 (pre-kindergarten through grade 12 on the Lakeside campus) per year. The rates of their Tanjong Katong campus are slightly cheaper than the latter.

Australian International School

With fees ranging from $14,832 to $31,480 for Preschool Nursery, 3 to 5 days and a half or full sessions and price range of $34,824 to US $42,432 for students up to year 12, Australian International School is one of those schools up for consideration. Books and stationery are included for members of the parents’ association. They also have lunch included for students in the early year. As an option, excursions are also included for the early years and primary school students.

Tanglin Trust School

Tanglin Trust School has one of the lowest school fees on this list. Run as a non-profit organization with school fees of $7,441 to $9,638 range for childcare up to and including year 2 and range of US $10,224 to US $13,316 for years 3 to 13. This expense includes study and exercise books as well.

Overseas Family School

The Overseas Family School have been one of the mainstays in the international school ecosystem in Singapore providing quality IEYC for Pre-K1, IPC for Grade 1-5 and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for grade 6-12. Their Pre-K1 afternoon to grade 12 goes for a price range of $16,000 to $41,000. And their Dulwich College (Singapore) ranges from $16,400 (half daycare) to $45,500 (year 12).

Dover Court International School

A popular school that offers impeccable SEN program, STEAM music program and a recently included IB diploma program. With a fee of $14,985 to $31,350 (nursery half a day to year 13) and $12,250 to $26,230 (infant to infant premium) to $27,450 to $34,010 (European section primary to high school), you are sure to get good value for money on these educational programmes.

Nexus International School

Nexus International School is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school. The school also boasts gymnasiums, swimming pools, soccer fields, music rooms, and a lot more. School fees range from $21,660 (half daycare) to $38,584 (year 13).

Their array of prices for different categories is as outlined below:

  • Chatsworth International School $23,819.40 to $32,788.80 (kindergarten through year 13)
  • Global Indian International School $12,394.88 (nursery) for $17,470.96 (nursery for class 10)
  • The Japanese school Singapore $6,612 (Primary) to $7,511.40 (secondary)
  • ISS International School $25,040 (K1) to $37,520 (12th grade)
  • A World International School $17,271 to $19,857 (Early Childhood through 10th Grade) Costs include 2 sets of school uniforms, academic travel, manuals, and technology / IT equipment
  • GEMS World Academy (Singapore) $11,600 to $38,750 (half day from daycare to 12th grade)


What additional costs do these international schools charge?

In addition to the annual tuition fees, registration fees are usually also charged when you wish to enroll your child and a registration fee to confirm your place once it has been accepted. Many schools also request an annual fee or construction costs, sometimes called capital or development costs such as bus transport fare, uniform, school lunch fee, laptop (high school), leave license, interim semester, AP exam and so on.

It is important to know how much your child’s international school fees will cost. Do take time to find out more and decide on your budget before diving into registering your child. These fees are long term ones, and subject to changes over the years that your child is enrolled in the international school. There are many other international schools in Singapore as it is a bustling learning hub so it is wise to set aside an extended time period to find the one that will benefit your child the most.