Know these benefits of reading aloud to your kindergarten kid

Finally, the day has arrived when your little one will attend his or her kindergarten. school for the first time in their life. Although, it is possible that he or she has been in an infant care centre Singapore and a preschool prior to this, it will be a big step for them. As a parent, a lot could be going through your head and you may have plenty of questions that need to be answered. One of the key questions that could be hovering in your mind when you are about to drop off your child for her first day could be how to prepare your toddler for attending a kindergarten school. It is quite a relevant question since there is no such manual on how such things are to be done. Plus, you may not be sure at all on what to expect.

However one thing that you can do to get her ready for the kindergarten is to read books aloud. Many educationalists opine that doing so will help them in stimulating their imagination and creativity and also enable them to understand the world around them in a better way. It will also help them to expand their listening and language skills and make them ready to comprehend written words.

1. Gain mastery over a language

When you start reading aloud to your kids early, they can grasp the basics of a language better while approaching the school-going age.

2. Fundamental skills in speech

Your little one has been picking up crucial enunciation and language skills throughout their days in an infant care centre in Singapore like My Little Campus and preschool. When they listen to you reading them aloud, you are actually reinforcing those sounds, which form a language. When your little one was a toddler, he or she went through the various pages of a book with expressions of delight. Such an act is known as “pretend reading” and a crucial activity during the pre-literacy years. During their preschool years, your child is likely to start sounding out many words on their own.

3. Fosters academic excellence

A major merit of reading aloud to preschoolers and toddlers is a greater aptitude in then for learning new things in general. Various studies have demonstrated that those students who get good exposure to reading prior to attending their preschool tend to do better in various aspects of formal education. If a student has to put a lot of struggle putting together sentences and words, it can be tough for them to start grasping social concepts, science and math they get introduced to while starting their elementary school.

4. Improved communication skills

If you start spending some time with your toddlers reading them books, it becomes easier for then to express themselves in a better way. Plus, they can relate to many things and people in a healthier manner. When they witness the way the characters are interacting in the stories you read them aloud and the contact they establish with you while the story time is in progress your kid can gain precious communication skills.

5. Development of logical thinking skills

Another key advantage of reading to toddlers and kindergarten kids is increase in their ability to apply logic in different scenarios, grasp abstract concepts, utilize good judgment and understand relationship between cause and effect. When your preschooler or toddler starts relating the various scenarios mentioned in the books to what is occurring in their own world, they become more enthusiastic about the tales you read them aloud.

6. Increased discipline and concentration

Initially you may find your toddler getting distracted or squirming while you read out a story to them? However, slowly they will learn how to remain engaged during their story time. As you continue this practice. their self-discipline increases and they have a longer span of attention with better memory retention. All these qualities will benefit your kid a lot when they take admission in a school and help them to build their stamina.

7. Knowledge of reading can be real fun

When you inculcate the habit of early reading for your children, they will regard books not a chore but as an indulgence. Children who get exposed to the practice of reading early may even opt for books over television or video games as they become older.