How can parent and child preschool programs help you and your child?

Pre-school can be a big step for a child because this is the time when children step out of their comfort zones and get to experience life beyond parents and their homes. Pre-school is a place where they experience new people and a completely new environment and new kids who will later become their friends. Parents need to make an effort to make children feel at home at pre-school and do their bit to make them feel at home at pre-school. This can be done through kindergartens Singapore programs.

What are pre-school programs?

Pre-school programs are programs meant for children and parents to prepare the child for school. The transition needs to be smooth and hassle free for both parents and children, since this is quite a big step for the child who has been protected and shielded with care at home. The unknown environment can be quite overbearing for the child but these programs can make the transition smooth through games, music and fun activities that can make it fun for the children to transition to a kindergarten in Singapore like My Little Campus and leave their parents and stay at school for 2-3 hours. Pre-school programs make children more confident about attending school.

Pre-school programs promote social and emotional development

Pre-schoolers can be as young as 2-3 year old kids, this means that they are very young and tender. They always need their parents at every step of the way. For a three year old child to be able to spend time away from her parents requires some amount of emotional development and social skills in order to trust a teacher or a caregiver at school. Hence these pre-school programs help children to build skills like social and provides them with an opportunity to explore the world based on the skills they have built till now.

It helps your child adhere to a structure

Pre-school programs helps children adhere to a structure and a time table. It may not seem so but the pre-school programs are based on a structure and follow a strict time table wherein they are meant to follow a structure and a routine in order to fit in into the time table set by the school. It helps children adhere to a particular pattern and follow a routine which is essential for their growth and development.

Children learn to communicate their needs and learn to make choices as well.

Pre-school programs require children to move out of their comfort zones and this requires children to be able to earn languages to communicate their needs and voice their opinions. They need to tell children whether they want something to eat or drink or they want to play with a particular toy or if they are hungry. These programs teach children to build language skills and communication skills too. It helps them to make choices wherein they let the teacher know if they need anything or if they want to participate in a particular activity.

It nurtures and encourages a child’s curiosity

Pre-school programs are designed and programmed in such a manner where a child’s curiosity is nurtured and they are encouraged to explore a wide variety of things. This is not the time where they are made to sit and follow a regiment in order to learn things. Their learning lies in exploring things through sharing, communicating and observing. They are encouraged to explore and ask as many questions as they want to and their curiosity is welcomed and nurtured to shape them into well rounded individuals.

Thus these are the various benefits of admitting your child to pre-school programs.